A list of all courses offered by the UC San Diego Physics Department can be found here.

I am currently teaching Physics 9, The Solar System.  This course is designed for non-majors (though majors are definitely welcome!), and introduces the basic properties of the objects in the Solar System.  Topics include the Sun, terrestrial and giant planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, dwarf planets and the Kuiper Belt, exoplanets, and the formation of planetary systems.  This course will next be offered in Spring 2017.

I am also teaching Physics 160, Stellar Astrophysics.  This is an upper division course designed for physics and engineering majors.  Topics include observational properties of stars, solar physics, radiation and energy transport in stars, stellar spectroscopy, nuclear processes in stars, stellar structure and evolution, degenerate matter and compact stellar objects, supernovae and nucleosynthesis.   This course will next be offered in Winter 2017.